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Appraiser Rater: AMC Ratings by Appraisers

As suggested by readers, this space is designated for appraisers to comment on their experiences with AMCs that they have worked with. Whether it’s a major or private AMC, a good experience or bad, please share with your fellow appraisers. Include fee expectations, turn time expectations, unusual requests, flow of business, reporting requirements, ease of technology platform, payment and pressure issues or any other criteria. This is intended as a free exchange of information to help appraisers make informative decisions about the AMCs they work with. Please keep all comments constructive, factual and fair.

Please note that Working RE and OREP do not substantiate or verify any of the comments posted here.

602 Responses to Appraiser Rater: AMC Ratings by Appraisers

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  2. Patty Sines says:

    I’ve been appraising for over 16 yrs, I worked for Amc’s before there were Amc’s, anyhow my current biggest gripe is the over zealous AMC reps that constantly try to tell me how to prepare an appraisal report, what to say and what I have to (client requirements) put in the report. Really??? Federal regulations tell me what steps to take and what I must consider. FANNIEMAE & FREDDIEMAC ARE GUIDELINES, GUIDELINES ARE JUST THAT GUIDELINES!!! THEY ARE NOT LAW. AND GUIDELINES DO NOT SUPERCEED FEDERAL REGULATIONS IN THE APPRAISAL INDUSTRY. And how long have they been appraising in my area? If they know so much about it why don’t they come here and do it them selves? I have fired myself from many many companies, and will continue to do so when they become anal about telling me how to prepare reports and do my job when they don’t have a clue, I am sick to death of non-industry workers telling appraisers how to do their job and so should you. These reps are hired off the street trained to go off a checklist, paid to badger the appraiser to the end of the earth, annoy them daily with update requests, paid to find revisions on completed reports, paid to answer to the banks, bankers, brokers and the Mortgage industry, they are not trained in the Mortgage Industry, Appraisal Industry, Banking Industry, Real Estate Industry or any other related Industry to ours and these people are TELLING THE APPRAISER WHAT TO DO, HOW TO DO IT AND WHAT TO SAY IN THEIR REPORTS?????? Guided of course by the lender. . . . . Something is incredibly wrong with this picture. Now you have to be a college graduate to be a new Appraiser in most states in the US, but anyone can be hired off the street by an AMC and go off a checklist to control the Mortgage Industry in the name of HVCC regulations, that were instituted I might add, by a puppet government that said the “LARGE BANKS ARE TOO BIG TO FAIL” a NY rep (now the Gov of NY Andrew Quomo) caved and cut a deal with the other crooks on Wall Street that brought the rest of the industry down just to shut them up with token regulations, because the crooked bankers and mortgage officers could not keep their greedy fingers out of the varitable money pie.

    I recently fired myself from Kirchmeyer & Associates after placing an order I would inspect it and then it would dissapear from my query, after inquiring where it had gone that I had already inspected the exterior they said it was reassigned to someone else, they continually come back day after day week after week with their mindless revision requests when they can’t even get the subject property address correct. Last week I fired myself from Streetlinks, of course I told them to never send me another request or email which they cannot fathom, so they continue to send me automated updates through their system and bug me to death after the fact, I once had a nightmare order from them that lasted 6 months, yes I said 6 months they would come back every week or every few days for 6 months on a purchase wanting this revised then that revised. When you can’t stand their incessant crap anymore you de-hire yourself. Life is too short to put up with their crap. And I plan to NEVER accept any assignments under my regular fee! As a matter of fact my fees regularly increase based on amount of detail requested by the client and the AMC and the cost of gasoline, cost of living among other things. I love the guy from CA that gets paid 270 per order works at home and makes 70zk per yr, really? How does that work? He must have a crystal ball to know all the details of the properties from his home and the ability to pull free services & goods of all his business needs out of the air, because the last time I looked net income calculated as gross less expenses. Oh well as others before me have said let me reconfirm the fact that we only get paid what we are worth & if you agree to work for less than market fees so be it. The appraisal industry will have very few trained knowledgeable professionals to offer the public in the very near future thanks mainly to the lending industry that have always have called the shots and will continue to do so and blame everyone else along the way.

  3. Has anyone had any dealings with Solution Star Settlement Services?

    They sent me an unsolicited application packet. I have never heard of them.


  4. Has anyone had any dealing with Solution Star Settlement Services?

    They sent me an unsolicited application packet. I have never heard from them.

    • Gary Young says:

      Solutionstar operates under several names. One is Xhome Settlement Services. They pay terrible. The send a check after 60 days with no reference as to what file/order it is for. And the amount is always $50 less than the contracted fee. They have no phone numbers and when you get someone (they call us looking for a bid) we bring up the past fees owed and they copy us on an email that never has results. We have stopped doing business with them and looking to turn them into the state licensing board.

  5. dg says:

    I’ve had it with PCV Murcor. I just got an e-mail cancelling an appraisal which I turned in OVER two weeks ago. The last time they pulled this crap they offered me a trip fee…they finally backed off when I threatened to file a complaint with the state. I finally got paid my full fee but it is ridiculous that I, or any appraiser, should have to waste their time threatening minimum wagers to get the fees which we earned.

  6. SA says:

    Hmmm… establish an AMC name, file as a protected corporation, lure in a few million dollars worth of appraisal work, bank the (appraisers) hard earned fees in a hidden acct(overseas) . Dont pay the apprasier. Give him/her the runaround for a while. SHUT DOWN, CLAIM CORP BANKRUPTSY AND RUN WITH THE MILLIONS! WE JUST CREATED THE GREATEST PONZI SCHEME 2ND TO BERNY..GREAT JOB APPRAISERLOFT…..In a few years, most AMC’S will be on 60minutes….JUST GOTTA FEEL BAD FOR THE GUY WHO GETS CAUGHT AT THE END OF THE LINE…..GUARANTEED.

  7. Ted Smith says:

    Do not use VESTA VALUATION. They do not pay and have to beg for the money. They say within 45 days, nut has taken as long as 90-180 days on some deals. Plus they want you to upload report to a different website that charges $10 to upload.

  8. Former IAS VP says:

    I am a former VP for the IAS Valuation department. I am speaking from first hand knowledge.

    If you are accepting any work for them through ANY of the regional AMC groups they work with, STOP!! Now that I’m past my 6 month non-disclosure, I am speaking out to warn anyone working with them, whether appraiser or BPO agent. At the time I left, they did not have the resources to pay everyone they owed. Contacts I still have within the company confirm that has not changed.

    If you are still getting the run-around on payment, legal action may be your best option at this point. I highly recommend you consult an attorney now before they follow eVal Solutions and JVI.

    One last note, Summit Valuation out of Baltimore really is owed by IAS, and the amount is staggering. As much as it hurts me to hurt a friend, I do recommend not taking work from Summit at this time.

    - happy to be free from IAS…

  9. Debi Rogers says:

    Do NOT do work for Summit Appraisal Management, out of Baltimore Maryland and orders come through Mercury Network. They claim their client “IAS” has not paid them, so they will not pay me for 2 appraisals. They are both short sale properties so you cannot lien the properties for any money. Mercury Network says they will not allow Summit Appraisal Management to order appraisals with a lender of IAS but are allowed to order them for other lenders.

  10. Mike says:

    I told Corelogic “stick it in your ass” after they wanted me to do work for less than prior to the last changes in bankning laws. Really actually told their assclown that called from vendor mgt to “stick it in your ass” What do you know, I got my desired result, they removed me from the list of fools.

  11. SC appraiser says:

    Fla Appraiser – I had problems getting paid from these people. They are on my Black List.

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  13. CHRIS says:


  14. Fla Appraiser says:

    I just received an invitation to join the panel of FIRSTVALUATION located in Westminster, CO. Does anyone have any experience with this company?

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  16. rm says:

    APPRAISAL NATION in RALEIGH, NC does NOT pay. They do not respond to your correspondence either.

    I would advise to not work for this AMC. I have filed a complaint to the state board, the Lender, and OCC. I encourage others to do the same if they are owed money by this AMC and any others. If the states get enough complaints – maybe they will revoke their license that state. Wonder how much business that would cost them especially when is a neighbor state….

  17. JeffCA says:

    Beware of Solidifi, they are a nightmare to deal with. They think way too highly of themselves there which is confusiing since they take almost THREE MONTHS to pay. Just another shady AMC created by the HVCC.

  18. Moses says:

    I worked with Epic Real Estate Solutions several months, they offer reasonable fees; however, i did not receive even a single payment from them. I have jobs that are almost 90 days old. Their accounts receivable dept. can’t be reached over the phone and they are not responding to emails. did anyone have experience with them?

  19. FEDUP says:

    Just finished a report for PNC Mortgage. What a hellish assignment. Thei need for additional inane, useless comments and ‘data’ was mind boggling. If you do work for these folks add another $100 to your fee becuase their requests for additional info will take you 2-3 more hours of mind-numbing meaningless work. Insane!

  20. rm says:

    We can be in control of our own destiny folks. I just heard recently that my state is losing 25-30 appraisers a month.

    This does not surprise me and I contribute low fees, non-payment of fees and never ending scope creep as the primary reasons.

    For me, I have chosen to hang-on and implement a 5-year plan:

    Take a small amount of capital (doesn’t take much in today’s market) – purchase REO property, upgrade then re-sell for $20K-$30K profit.

    We see others do this all the time – Why let them have all the fun.


    At $100K – never go all in. Put $50K in bank. Buy $50k property, upgrade, re-sell for $100K plus.

    Repeat…… Repeat……

    At $1M – Quit appraisal business – Move to New Zealand.

    Be Happy……

  21. jb says:

    hmmmmm…let me see..open up an amc, market to big banks n direct lenders, take a split of the appraisers salary for doing little, hold their checks for net 30-60days,bank the money in a seperate acct, fudge expenses, claim bankruptsy and run with all the appraisers millions…….im in the wrong business here.

  22. Appraiser Marion says:

    If you are owed money by JVI or ES APPRAISAL or NRIES or any other AMC that went out of business please contact: ijh @ ijhill . com
    Remove the spaces. If you have emails from any of these AMCs prior to them going out of business please send them to the address above. Together we can take back our industry from the crooks.

  23. Shelli says:

    JVI is out of business I believe, read the comments on this site.

  24. SHARON says:

    JVI OWES OVER A $1,000. Tried calling,emailing and no answer. Has anyone heard anything new about this company?

  25. James O'Dea says:

    This is a great forum to check if companies are worthly of our hard work and effort. Each person needs to really check out AMC companies before accepting any work. Please stop accepting fee work that does not make sense!

  26. Woody says:

    If you are accepting lower fees then YOU are the problem not the AMC. The AMC concept can work, but the appraiser has to stick to their terms. Accept a lower fee and YOU are the problem. Just like anything service the buyer wants the best quality at the lowest price, an AMC is no different. There are no good auto mechanics charing $10 and hour, but there seem to be many appraisers that will deliever a report for $250 or less. I just don’t get it.

  27. ss says:

    Once again, a well known management co that has been consistenly giving me work for over 5 years has suddenly reduced my volume by 80 %. When I called, I was told bluntly and honestly that most appraisers are now accepting 225 for 1family and 350 for multi… what is wrong with these appraisers and this industry…so glad I am able to turn these fees down. This industry will not survive, mortgage rates will soon (mid 2013) increase significantly reducing the number of loan apps therfore reducing the number of appraisal work which will lead to management companies having the upper hand and significanly increasing their split for our hard work…run for the hills!

  28. Fla Appraiser says:

    We just received an “invitation” to connect with an AMC called TRIMAVIN. Does anyone have any experience with this company? We would like to know the scoop before accepting any work from them. Thank you!

  29. JB says:

    Wow, holy crap. I was going to get my license and have lined up a training position, BUT after reading this stuff I am flabbergasted! I have been out of the real estate business for 5 years, but my friends had told me about the ‘wheel’ thing, how appraisers get picked. I ASSUMED that it was a state run clearing house…which sounded okay, I mean, some appraisers WERE part of the problem by bumping appraisals (or they would not get any work from the banks).
    Now I see that the banks just created another scam (APPRAISAL MANAGEMENT COMPANIES), regulating themselves, AGAIN.

    Create a shell company to sieve your appraisals through so you can take the cream off the top and lower the appraiser’s pay. (Then you can lose the in house cost of auditing appraisals)…Quite ingenious (and evil, as always). And I see they STILL are allowed to lean on the appraiser to get to the sale price or you are out of work.

    Since there are no regulatory oversite of this NEW IMPROVEMENT to the system, it just creates another level of skimming and scamming.’
    Obviously Appraisal Associations are not helping those in the industry. They would be getting the word to the public that they are over-paying for appraisals with a middle man that takes money and provides no benefit.

    If there are/is appraisal organization(s) that advocate for the individual appraiser toward some meaningful reform…I would gladly volunteer.

    Seems like a better way to spend my time than dropping a bunch of $$ and time into getting an appraisal license just to work in this cess-pool.
    OMG can’t believe this occupation has been screwed over so bad. Where the hell is the Justice Dept dudes when you need them?

    I feel for ya guys…

  30. Shelli says:

    The reason all of these AMCs get away with paying appraisers low fees is because all of you keep accepting orders agreeing to the low fees. Quit accepting them. Supply & Demand folks. There is apparently a large supply of appraisers that are willing to do this. You can sit on your butt for free. Once your wheels are turning and you are working you are going to be in the negative as to earnings since you are not getting paid adequately for your time, travel, expenses, experience & service. I bet if you worked at McDonalds and they called you to work and said “we are going to pay you but it will be less than you should get and we are going to pay you about 3 times a year…” that McDonalds would not have employees very long because nobody would agree to that (unless you are an appraiser, in which you would just follow like a sheep and say OK). STOP DOING THE WORK. They need your services. Make them pay for it. When you go to an attorney you pay the fee they tell you to pay. It’s not “Lets Make a Deal”.
    No othe profession is accepting fees lower than those seen 20 years ago. The AMC employees are getting paid on a weekly or bi weekly basis as are those that work in the banks. Why do you think that you should be paid only 2-3 times a year, if at all and for a fee that will not even cover the cost of the service or product provided? No other profession accepts this-nor should appraisers. Decline the offer to work for $3 per hour and not get paid. WOW. You all can make this stop.

  31. Shelli says:

    To Paul Hendricks in reference to ServiceLink and StreetLinks, I too had same issues, I emailed them a notification that a lien would be placed on the property owner’s property that was appraised and I also sent notification to the property owner’s stating that because their lender hired a company to handle the appraisal on their property and the appraiser fee was not paid that a lien would be placed on their property for the amount of the fee plus late fees and filing fees…. i gave them all 30 days… worked like a charm. i was paid and double paid (i refunded the extra minus the late fees and filing fees). The home owners were livid since they all had to pay those fees to the lender up front. Do it for all of your non paying AMC’s. It does work. I do not accept orders from any of them unless the fee is direct deposit. I notify them that the appraisal is completed and ready for download, they have to deposit the fee before it is released for download. Shelli

  32. Mark-not to -Market says:

    I received an offer to do an appraisal in Orange County, California for a standard attached single family residence. The fee offered by Mark-to-Market was unreasonably low. It was not a “reasonable and customary” fee. The Mark-to-Market email said that I could “negotiate” the fee and then Mark-to-Market would respond to me within 4 hours regarding the acceptance or rejection of the offer. I sent the negotiation notice at 5:00 PM. Since there was no one in the office after 5:00 PM, the 4 hour window was basically pointless. There was no one there to respond to the “negotiated” fee request. So, when the 4 hour window expired at 9:00 PM the offer went out as a “blast” to anyone who would settle for the low fee. I wasn’t even given the 1st right of refusal on the lower fee. Essentially, the moment I responded to Mark-to-Market’s offer to negotiate the fee, I was rejected and the offer went out to the field for takers. Here’s the problem, as I see it; the AMC must pay “reasonable and customary” fees. They did not, so they offered to allow me an opportunity to negotiate the fee. Once I “negotiated” the fee the order was summarily and systematically cancelled and the offer was sent out as a “blast” to anyone who would do the assignment at an unreasonable and non-customary fee. Basically, there is no opportunity to negotiate the fee and the company is not paying a reasonable and customary fee. Not sure if Mark-to-Market acted in an illegal or just an unethical manner. I would like to know if this has happened to others. If so, I would suggest a letter be sent to Mark-to-Market letting the company know that they acted in an unethical or possibly an illegal manner. The letter then should be posted on the Internet for all to read. Perhaps then the company’s policy may change. By the way, when I spoke with a Mark-to-Market representative, he said that they are aware of the way the “negotiation” process works and it has been that way for many years. Let me know if you have had a similar experience. Thanks.

  33. Weaver says:

    Push your state’s licensing board to adopt NC’s system which states that an AMC that doesn’t pay for the appraisal within 30 days of the report being submitted (not addendums or request for more comps) risks loosing their NC registration.

  34. FL Robin says:

    I just came back to appraising after 7 months at a desk job. Unfortunately the desk job didn’t work out, so back to appraising it is. Things are a little better but not much. Still get cancels from LSI most of the time when I ask for a fee increase. However I know I am going to get paid and the turn times are a little more reasonable then they were 7 months ago. I only work for one other company. I just ignore most requests. I did 2 reports for evaluation last year, took me 7 months to get paid. Never accepted another assignment from them although in the month before they closed they call almost every day. My favorite is ….”accepted their last 5 jobs and threw the assignments in the garbage while updating them that they would be in the next day”. The next time I leave the profession (as I am still trying to get out) I am going to do this. Be safe, have fun, enjoy life. Appraising sucks.

  35. John says:

    joe wiser, i agree RELS is bad but not AS bad as many others.

  36. Bobby says:

    Wow! It is really bad out there! I am a Certified Appraiser that has been licensed for 12 years. I just started appraising again in 2012. Took two years off. I came back and I was working with one small local AMC in Wisconsin. They paid ok $325.00 for 1004 $450-$500 for 1025. After about a month, they were constanly asking me to reconsideration my value. I had a 1100 square foot cape cod with plenty of comps within 300 square feet + and – within a mile. The homeowner and loan office cried because I did not use the 2100 square foot sale next door. The AMC (who should be impartial) attack me too. I shared with the AMC that I am the professional, I know this market and I will not let non appraisers dictate my value opinion…I never heard from that AMC again. I am using my Master’s degree anyway, and only work partime as an appraiser now. Have a back up plan my friends!!!

    • Tom says:

      Bobby, which AMC, was that? I’m have what’s sounds to be a similar experience with a property in WI.

  37. Joe Wiser says:

    Rels a quality AMC? Please. Go ahead and work for them, and watch how they gradually cut you off at the knees. And example: “Announcement: We’re folding the fee structure for $1M – $1.5M and $1.5M to $2M. together. You’ll now receive the lower amount.”

    They’ve also been known to beat on you if you don’t come up with sale value (based on true story)! That’s right, the same outfit that invented the blind selection wheel for fee assignment.
    If you have to work for them, drive the hard bargain. Period, end of story.

  38. Edd says:

    John has the only answer that makes sense as long as there are AMCs making assignments. There is little question in my mind that if we rejected AMC work in mass and Fannie’s funny stuff with it that things will change, but somehow appraisers just aren’t wired that way. We continue complain while we let these people tell us what our work is worth and they’ve told us loudly that it’s not worth very much at all.

    And AZ’s post begs the question again. Why do we trust these people about whom no one knows anything? Thanks AZ for the heads up as another bites the dust. Remember, the law is pretty much supporting the proposition that the lender still owes you your unpaid fee even if the AMC they went belly up before you got paid, and don’t count on the lawyer for the AMC’s bankruptcy to get you paid. Not his job man.

    I’m pleased David provided this forum for us to compare and share info about AMCs. I notice there is far more bad news than good. So, if making a living is necessary, get another part time job until you can cultivate work that has nothing whatsoever to do with Fannie Mae appraising.

    Nobody can fix this secondary mortgage market, nobody. And it is terribly broken. Strangely, appraisal is the healthiest part of it, but they are trying to take us down with them.

    Also, while you take a break from a steady diet of junk, train yourself in micro economics and the essential skills of information gathering, verification, analysis and communicating conclusions. Those skills are critical to appraising and are not nearly as well taught in our profession as word smithing has been.

  39. AZ10Realtor says:

    ES Appraisals/Evalonline ceased operations

    The following was sent to several appraisers today.

    Due to unforeseen circumstances Evaluation Solutions, ES Appraisal Services is ceasing operations. Any inquiries should be directed to :

    Bradley R. Markey
    Stutsman Thames & Markey, P.A.
    50 N. Laura Street, Suite 1600
    Jacksonville, Florida 32202

  40. John says:

    How is it that low quality AMCs like corelogic, valuation partners, pvc murcor, streetlinks, & LSI get away with paying appraisers criminally low fees while decent AMCs like Rels, landsafe, and Solidifi pay what is reasonable and customary? DON’T ACCEPT WORK FROM LOW QUALITY LOWBALLING AMCS UNTIL THEY DO WHAT IS RIGHT!

  41. Edd says:

    Way to go Fla! If I had any money I’d send it to you overnight express.

    You’ve got it right. All the talk about getting somebody to straighten out AMCs so appraisers are happy is nothing but noise. We have to do it ourselves, and you’re doing it.

    Poor you may be, but proud you should be.

    No doubt if we reject their crumbs the lenders and their surrogate AMCs will turn to more BPOs and AVMs. Let ‘em. Then if the regulators are happy with that, so be it. But, it is plumb stupid to offer the best you know how to do for the lowest/slowest fee and fastest turn they can get you to live with.

    And it is easy to a run a short discounted cash flow analysis on slow pay and figure out the further discount you are making in the fee to get slow pay AMC work.

    As for me, my invoices are due on delivery and AMCs will just turn inside out when you tell them that. The only problem is that I don’t get to watch while they work themselves into a tissy over my “policy.” I got an appraisal ready to deliver and I called the AMC who prides itself on paying in 45 days. I told the guy he would have to agree to pay upon delivery and he fired me on the spot. I said yipee, get yourself another appraiser, I’ll just frame your report. His boss called back and asked me to send the report and he’d get me paid right away.

    Anyway I don’t accept any assignments from them any more.

    The good clients expect to pay for service when services are rendered. That is the way it is done by professionals.

    Why not just join the professionals who have already paved the way for us instead of extending credit to AMCs?

  42. Fla Appraiser says:

    Stand up for yourself. I was just contacted by a new AMC (new to me anyway). Everything sounded good for the job until I asked about their payment schedule. It is December 17, 2012. He said payment would go out at the end of February 2013, if I got the job done next week (by the way, that would be Christmas). How are you supposed to run a small business this way? I told him no thank you. I told him my regulars pay within 30 days and anything other than that was not acceptable to the way I run my business. He did not sound surprised at my answer. Stand up for what is right and the AMCs will have no choice but to become legitimate, above board businesses!

  43. Paul Hendricks says:

    I have been fighting to get my money out of the company called ServiceLink. I am currently owed $1,025 for three appraisals. I done the work back in early October, they said a check went out but to my old address. Really!! I have not lived at the old address for over three years, and I recently joined their panel and gave them all up dated information.

    Begging for my money is getting old. Also, I have other companies that I just loined and are paying a lot less than normal, $260.00 for a 1004 no matter the distance??? You try and negotiate with them and they say ” I have to see if I can get that approved” and never call you back.

    Appraisers need to come together, we have nobody representing us as a whole, there are no laws protecting us or supporting us. This is why unions were started back in the day!!

    We need representation!!!

  44. Andy says:

    DO NOT do any business with US APPRAISAL GROUP Inc. out of Chicago IL. They never pay and you can never reach them on the phone I dont even think any real appraisers work there. Its a scam co. that only works with online “banks” with poor quality control. RUN! I heard there is a AMC law suite pending because they dont pay and dont follow the “rules”.

  45. Fla Appraiser says:

    Why is it that AMCs are becoming state regulated and licensed, but there are still some out there that are not paying appraisers? Real Estate Brokers are state licensed, and are required to set up escrow accounts for the money they hold in trust to be distributed to others (such as renter’s deposits, etc). These escrow accounts must be reconciled monthly and are subject to serious state scrutiny. Failure to reconcile and account for all funds can result in fines, suspension or license revocation for the broker. The money AMCs taken from the bank is NOT all their money. A portion is the appraiser’s money. Why are AMCs not required to maintain these funds in a similar manner to a real estate broker? The AMC should be held responsible to account for the funds owed to the appraiser, and if an AMC is failing to do this, they should be punished at the state level, similar to the broker. Why is in not a felony to keep the money paid up front by the borrower, and not pay the appraiser for their work? Is this not theft? The banking industry is highly regulated, and so are we appraisers. Why is there this donut-hole of non-regulation when it comes to AMC’s handling of funds?

  46. diana kanitz says:

    does anyone know if RR Review pays on time? They seem to be out of Salt Lake, but most of the time when you call you get Mumbai-India

  47. TD says:

    DO NOT, I REPEAT DO NOT accept orders from ES Appraisal / EValonline

    There are tons of appraisers all over the country struggling to get paid.
    I finially got my check which paid out their account with me in full, and now I don’t accept orders from them any longer! If we ALL stop, maybe they will get put out of business, which is exactly what needs to happen to them!!!!
    This is how they do business! They are constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul.
    If your state has an AMC Law in place, PLEASE FILE A FORMAL COMPLAINT!
    If all appraisers with unpaid invoices would do that, the rest of us would not have done business with these crooks!
    For those of you who are still owed money, contact info I have collected;

    Lorie Carter
    Administrative Assistant
    904-288-2013 direct number

    * she will send you emails saying the check is “in process” and also that the check is “in the mail”. ALL LIES TO DELAY PAYMENT. And unless your phone message is threatening, she will not call you back.

    Melissa Rivers
    * no phone number available

    * NEVER responds to emails but you are told she is the one handling accounting.

    Jim Moore
    * no number available.

    * is supposed to be the director of the joint and I have heard it said that he will take care of your complaints, however he did not respond to my emails.

    Jillian Glover
    Valuation Specialist
    ES Appraisal Services
    (904) 288-2029

    *had one appraiser say that Jillian helped to get her paid. Notice that Jillian’s email is different that the others.

    Good luck guys! BTW, after you know these people are NOT paying correctly, if you keep accepting their orders….NO MATTER THE VOLUME OR FEE….and get stuck when they go under, you have no one to blame but yourself. We tried to warn you!! :)

  48. anonymous says:

    to Bob Henry RE: Review Work
    In addition to Interthinx, CRS Collateral Risk Solutions in CA and Allstate Appraisal,LP out of Chicago do a lot of review work. Both pay reasonably in my market.
    Never had a problem getting paid.
    Also, did one or two Retro 2055′s for Springhouse and had no problem getting paid.

    For others:
    Have done a lot of AMC work over my 20+ yrs, both on my own and for a local appraisal shop when I fist started….
    They all have their pros and cons…none are perfect.
    Dart has a payment schedule and does direct deposit based on when the report was completed. When you log in, there is a section on the main page which will show when and how much you will be paid, then the direct deposit appears in your account on that day.

    They have people calling ALL THE TIME from India, who i believe are also the “Check box jockeys”.
    Their “correction” requests are mostly for things contained in the report or addendum.

    Valuation Partners/William Fall Group….
    One in the same… Val partners are low pay… William Fall accepts other(low pay) AMC work and will assign to you for 42% of that fee. In other words, will accept LSI fee of $325 for a FHA report(way below C&R, and well below other AMC FHA fees), then pay you $136.50…for a FHA appraisal. Then you get the privelege of doing a repair inspection for $36. RUN…don’t walk away from them. The review stips are ridiculous!!!

    Data Quick is hiring staff appraisers. I guess the $200 for 1004′s is just too much!

    Metro West – another company with the same business model as William Fall/Valuation Partners. They want to hire “staff appraisers” to skim 60+-% from the already low AMC fees.
    I and another appraiser I know inquired just to find out and to see if we could supplement our business, but were told flat out that we didn’t fit their business model based on our current average monthly assignments and income. In our interpretation, they needed less established or experienced appraisers, who would consider $100 to $136 a pay raise.

  49. mark in SC says:

    Seem we are getting a lot of “new” amc’s. I think some are just changing their names. When amc’s ask for a quick turn time, I have been saying, “how fast can you get me a check”. I have been asking to get paid up front. You know, the old collect at the door is better than working for some of these amc’s who do not pay.
    I still do work for some of the local banks and don’t need the BS that comes with amc’s.

  50. Edd says:

    OK David, despite the obvious relevancy of your template, it’s not popular and isn’t going to be much used.

    This isn’t about fees, but somebody mentioned reading and understanding what is included in an assignment. So, since USPAP doesn’t really create any thing new with regard to causes of action why don’t we discuss the biggie that appraisers might be sued for?

    Negligence (sort of a lack of competence thing in USPAPeese). Did you know that the statute of limitations with respect to bringing a negligence action is pretty short? Like two or three years in most states. And did you know that those indemnification agreements just blow that protection away (among other things)?

    So why do you think AMCs want some impoverished appraiser with no reserves to indemnify them and at the same time require him/her to carry E&O?

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